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When the heroes of our youth grow old: Pips, Chips & Videoclips

I wish I hadn’t seen that: Ripper got old. Pips, Chips and Videoclips frontman, the Croatian version of Liam Gallagher, the guy us girls had a crush on in the 1990s, now sports wrinkles and a beer belly. And he’s no longer Ripper at all. The official band site now lists him as “Daddy”. Bleugh. … Continue reading

Fighting for our lives with Handsome Furs

I was actually not supposed to go to the Handsom Furs gig. But, the night started with a colleague’s farewell party and finished as a night that wouldn’t end. My plan was to go to the party and then head to see the I’m From Barcelona around midnight. But, it’s tough times and my attempts … Continue reading

Museums at Night: Zagreb witches, how Ilica got its name and the muddy streets of the Lower Town

Museums at Night in Zagreb is usually a cold affair and this Friday it was no different. It was freezing. All bundled up we wondered if the Croatian Museum Society couldn’t move it to a warmer time of year. But, the numbers released today show it might be a bad idea: even in the winter … Continue reading

Being a tourist in my own city: A summer day in Zagreb

It used to be that in the summer, half of Zagreb was closed: shops, bakeries, and even museums put signs on their doors saying they were on vacation, as “everyone” descended on the coast. Life came back every year, of course, but not before the middle of August. In the meantime, if you stayed in … Continue reading

Zagreb InMusic Festival: Why you should consider going

1.It’s in a big city. Unlike most festivals, this one is in a capital city. It takes place on an island in the Lake of Jarun, which is a popular spot for having coffee and evening strolls for people from Zagreb. There’s no need for a pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere, you can get … Continue reading

Cinemas rock Zagreb nightlife

It’s the weekend, and the lobbies of cinemas in Zagreb are sounding with music. The old Zagreb downtown cinemas shut down one by one during the Naughties, as the new multiplexes opened and lured the audiences with big screens, surround systems, comfy chairs and free parking. But it seems that now some of the forgotten … Continue reading

Jabuka: Zagreb’s dark pleasure

Actually, it feels like Saturday morning: hazy and foggy, noon to evening. Friday night I regularly want to stay home, lie on the sofa and stare at TV. Luckily, my friends drag me out. Last night’s location: Jabuka in Zagreb. With the name reminiscent of the original sin, Jabuka – The Apple – is the … Continue reading