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When the heroes of our youth grow old: Pips, Chips & Videoclips

I wish I hadn’t seen that: Ripper got old. Pips, Chips and Videoclips frontman, the Croatian version of Liam Gallagher, the guy us girls had a crush on in the 1990s, now sports wrinkles and a beer belly. And he’s no longer Ripper at all. The official band site now lists him as “Daddy”. Bleugh. … Continue reading

Fighting for our lives with Handsome Furs

I was actually not supposed to go to the Handsom Furs gig. But, the night started with a colleague’s farewell party and finished as a night that wouldn’t end. My plan was to go to the party and then head to see the I’m From Barcelona around midnight. But, it’s tough times and my attempts … Continue reading

My interview with Moby: Apart from music, making pancakes is my only skill

It was the summer of 2008 when I got to interview Moby. OK, sort-of “interview” because the questions were not put together by me. I was an intern at The Independent in London, and one of the things we, the “workies”, were supposed to do were the so-called 5-Minute Interviews with, well, mainly minor celebrities, … Continue reading

The National find their home crowd in Zagreb

It was one of those concerts where the audience becomes so thoroughly one with the band that the whole gig turns into a giant singalong, interrupted with cheers and screams. “We’ve had three of the best shows we’ve ever had with the band here,” said a slightly touched Matt Berninger, but then added mischievously: “Not … Continue reading

Smuggling alcohol to gigs: a Scottish experience

It’s been more than a month, but this thing still baffles me: the amount of alcohol that Scottish fans managed to smuggle into the Bellahouston Park for Snow Patrol’s gig in June. Myself, I was nervous about bringing in even my idiot camera, so I wrapped it in layers of clothes in my big bag … Continue reading

Zagreb InMusic Festival: Why you should consider going

1.It’s in a big city. Unlike most festivals, this one is in a capital city. It takes place on an island in the Lake of Jarun, which is a popular spot for having coffee and evening strolls for people from Zagreb. There’s no need for a pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere, you can get … Continue reading

Marah, my messengers of love

I found an old ticket for Marah yesterday and it made me smile – it was a great night. It also made me laugh, as on that particular day in 2006 I was only marginally less crazy than the guys from the band, which, if you know anything about the Bielanko brothers, is no small … Continue reading

Can you legally download music in Croatia?: Life behind the Great Music Firewall

These are roughly translated excerpts from a story I wrote for the Croatian edition of the Forbes. Continue reading

Cinemas rock Zagreb nightlife

It’s the weekend, and the lobbies of cinemas in Zagreb are sounding with music. The old Zagreb downtown cinemas shut down one by one during the Naughties, as the new multiplexes opened and lured the audiences with big screens, surround systems, comfy chairs and free parking. But it seems that now some of the forgotten … Continue reading

Cat Malojian: Songs from the Murder Triangle

“They actually play the banjo?!,” asks a colleague slightly shocked, after I push my earphones on him to make him listen to this band I’ve been talking about for days. “Apparently that guy is a banjo genius,” I smile, trying to encourage him. But there’s no need to. He already likes them. And soon the … Continue reading