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A completely honest job application

Dear Sir or Madam, I am completely unprepared to work under pressure or overtime, unless it is heftily paid. I honestly couldn’t care less about your company’s goals, unless my salary covers all my current expenses, and allows a little something for clothes, books, travel, sports, going out and having fun as well. My motto … Continue reading

Daydreaming in front of an ATM

Yesterday, an ATM machine ate my card, but gave me the money. I swear, the hole where the card normally comes out blinked and my hand was ready to grab it. Instead, the money started coming out of the money hole, and then, nothing. The woman doing the customer support tried to convince me that … Continue reading

What he said…

“So, how are you?”, I asked. “Oh, so we’re going into the how-are-you, are we? We’re not talking just about Lisbon then?”, he said. I must have given him a look. And I thought, he’s probably babbling because he’s just nervous. We were meeting because he’s leaving for Portugal in a few days and he … Continue reading

2010: The year of the happy spinster

I can see it in your eyes. The pity when you realize I’m 35 and single. The reproach when my aunts and uncles ask me what I am waiting for. And the disappointment when my friends ask me “what’s new?”, and I say “nothing”. See, I’m a failure (and quite possibly contagious too). Regardless of … Continue reading

Just like Tom Hanks: Without a passport in the Charles de Gaulle International Terminal

For about half an hour today I thought I’d wind up like Tom Hanks, living at the international terminal of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. My country hasn’t fallen apart though (OK, at least not today), but I was without a passport. All in this age of heightened security. It started like most other … Continue reading

Being a tourist in my own city: A summer day in Zagreb

It used to be that in the summer, half of Zagreb was closed: shops, bakeries, and even museums put signs on their doors saying they were on vacation, as “everyone” descended on the coast. Life came back every year, of course, but not before the middle of August. In the meantime, if you stayed in … Continue reading

From Belfast to Zagreb: My week as a volcano refugee

Sitting in Dublin and watching British televisions talk of the problems with volcano ash was a pretty torturing experience. Gordon Brown was explaining that “money was not an issue”, that he had sent the Royal Navy to help those trapped in Spain, that he had arranged a larger number of trains with the French and … Continue reading

Stuck in Belfast for my birthday: There must be worse things than this

It was Thursday morning and in my inbox there was a message from Rocky, a music producer who is in Belfast revered as a kind of semi-god, as I am told that all local bands want to work with him. We were supposed to meet that afternoon for an interview on a story about the … Continue reading

Cinemas rock Zagreb nightlife

It’s the weekend, and the lobbies of cinemas in Zagreb are sounding with music. The old Zagreb downtown cinemas shut down one by one during the Naughties, as the new multiplexes opened and lured the audiences with big screens, surround systems, comfy chairs and free parking. But it seems that now some of the forgotten … Continue reading

24 Hours of Journalistic Hell: How I Wrote an Article Faster Than the Times

I was translating Slavoj Zizek’s essay for my paper yesterday, struggling with Lacanian terminology in Croatian, but actually enjoying it. I didn’t complain, though some of his sentences drove me crazy. Everything was great until 4 p.m., which is the time when I normally start thinking about going home. And then it struck. My editors … Continue reading