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My interview with Moby: Apart from music, making pancakes is my only skill

It was the summer of 2008 when I got to interview Moby. OK, sort-of “interview” because the questions were not put together by me. I was an intern at The Independent in London, and one of the things we, the “workies”, were supposed to do were the so-called 5-Minute Interviews with, well, mainly minor celebrities, … Continue reading

Croatia to introduce prison sentences for libel

The new Croatian Penal Code might introduce prison sentences for journalists who deliberately spread lies, and fines for ‘gossip’ even if it is true. The mere fact that our Penal Code will have a section called Crimes Against Honor and Reputation reminds me of countries like Iran. I wonder if law professors who support it … Continue reading

‘Welfare state chauvinism’, pension reform and Catholic Church’s office for relations with Islam: What I’ve learned during a week in France

The French embassy in Zagreb brought four of us journos from Croatia for a week in Paris in December. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, in certain ways it was: we had tons of rendez-vous with people from various institutions. It was all off the record though. But, in no particular order, here’s what I’ve learned: … Continue reading

Just like Tom Hanks: Without a passport in the Charles de Gaulle International Terminal

For about half an hour today I thought I’d wind up like Tom Hanks, living at the international terminal of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. My country hasn’t fallen apart though (OK, at least not today), but I was without a passport. All in this age of heightened security. It started like most other … Continue reading

The Dalai Lama and me: How I botched an exclusive interview

For a day on which I was blessed by the Dalai Lama, Tuesday was a spectacularly bad one. One mishap followed another. I was penniless, hungry and thirsty in a foreign country, my photographer abandoned me to complete strangers, and they left me on a bus stop on the outskirts of the city. In the … Continue reading

Paying for an interview with a racially abused Croat? I don’t think so.

“He’s talking to another Croatian newspaper right now. But, would you be willing to pay him for the interview?” With these two things that no journalist likes to hear, my conversation with this lawyer started. I was looking for a Croatian guy who was awarded more than 53.000 pounds by the court because his bosses … Continue reading

24 Hours of Journalistic Hell: How I Wrote an Article Faster Than the Times

I was translating Slavoj Zizek’s essay for my paper yesterday, struggling with Lacanian terminology in Croatian, but actually enjoying it. I didn’t complain, though some of his sentences drove me crazy. Everything was great until 4 p.m., which is the time when I normally start thinking about going home. And then it struck. My editors … Continue reading

Women, politics and fashion

Croatian Prime Minister recently complained about the media writing about her clothes, instead of what she does, and I was there to hear it. Speaking at the conference titled Women Leaders in Politics in Zagreb, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said: “It is extremely important that the media promote gender equality in political life. Because, it … Continue reading

‘How I survived holocaust and even laughed’

A holocaust survivor from Croatia taught me today that the best medicine for all one’s troubles might be laughter. I got an assignment to find a survivor for our story on the Holocaust Remembrance Day and do a short phone interview. It sounded almost disrespectful – how can you just expect to call them, fire … Continue reading