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When the heroes of our youth grow old: Pips, Chips & Videoclips

I wish I hadn’t seen that: Ripper got old. Pips, Chips and Videoclips frontman, the Croatian version of Liam Gallagher, the guy us girls had a crush on in the 1990s, now sports wrinkles and a beer belly. And he’s no longer Ripper at all. The official band site now lists him as “Daddy”. Bleugh. … Continue reading

Fighting for our lives with Handsome Furs

I was actually not supposed to go to the Handsom Furs gig. But, the night started with a colleague’s farewell party and finished as a night that wouldn’t end. My plan was to go to the party and then head to see the I’m From Barcelona around midnight. But, it’s tough times and my attempts … Continue reading

A completely honest job application

Dear Sir or Madam, I am completely unprepared to work under pressure or overtime, unless it is heftily paid. I honestly couldn’t care less about your company’s goals, unless my salary covers all my current expenses, and allows a little something for clothes, books, travel, sports, going out and having fun as well. My motto … Continue reading

My interview with Moby: Apart from music, making pancakes is my only skill

It was the summer of 2008 when I got to interview Moby. OK, sort-of “interview” because the questions were not put together by me. I was an intern at The Independent in London, and one of the things we, the “workies”, were supposed to do were the so-called 5-Minute Interviews with, well, mainly minor celebrities, … Continue reading

Ban on protests in a Zagreb square ‘only slightly unconstitutional’

Croatian Constitutional Court has struck down the ban on holding protests in St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb – the location of the seat of the Parliament, the Government and the Constitutional Court itself – but has decided the ban, although unconstitutional, should be in effect for another year to give the Government enough time to … Continue reading

Daydreaming in front of an ATM

Yesterday, an ATM machine ate my card, but gave me the money. I swear, the hole where the card normally comes out blinked and my hand was ready to grab it. Instead, the money started coming out of the money hole, and then, nothing. The woman doing the customer support tried to convince me that … Continue reading

What he said…

“So, how are you?”, I asked. “Oh, so we’re going into the how-are-you, are we? We’re not talking just about Lisbon then?”, he said. I must have given him a look. And I thought, he’s probably babbling because he’s just nervous. We were meeting because he’s leaving for Portugal in a few days and he … Continue reading

Viviane Reding says Croatia is doing great in EU negotiations. But does it really?

Feathers were flying the last time the European Commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding was in Zagreb in September, as she blasted the Croatian judiciary for being inefficient and slow.   “Madame Prime Minister, we will not accept half-solutions,” she said in the press conference with the Croatian head of government. “We will not be looking … Continue reading

Museums at Night: Zagreb witches, how Ilica got its name and the muddy streets of the Lower Town

Museums at Night in Zagreb is usually a cold affair and this Friday it was no different. It was freezing. All bundled up we wondered if the Croatian Museum Society couldn’t move it to a warmer time of year. But, the numbers released today show it might be a bad idea: even in the winter … Continue reading

Croatia to introduce prison sentences for libel

The new Croatian Penal Code might introduce prison sentences for journalists who deliberately spread lies, and fines for ‘gossip’ even if it is true. The mere fact that our Penal Code will have a section called Crimes Against Honor and Reputation reminds me of countries like Iran. I wonder if law professors who support it … Continue reading