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A completely honest job application

Dear Sir or Madam, I am completely unprepared to work under pressure or overtime, unless it is heftily paid. I honestly couldn’t care less about your company’s goals, unless my salary covers all my current expenses, and allows a little something for clothes, books, travel, sports, going out and having fun as well. My motto … Continue reading

My interview with Moby: Apart from music, making pancakes is my only skill

It was the summer of 2008 when I got to interview Moby. OK, sort-of “interview” because the questions were not put together by me. I was an intern at The Independent in London, and one of the things we, the “workies”, were supposed to do were the so-called 5-Minute Interviews with, well, mainly minor celebrities, … Continue reading

Ban on protests in a Zagreb square ‘only slightly unconstitutional’

Croatian Constitutional Court has struck down the ban on holding protests in St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb – the location of the seat of the Parliament, the Government and the Constitutional Court itself – but has decided the ban, although unconstitutional, should be in effect for another year to give the Government enough time to … Continue reading