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Croatia to introduce prison sentences for libel

The new Croatian Penal Code might introduce prison sentences for journalists who deliberately spread lies, and fines for ‘gossip’ even if it is true. The mere fact that our Penal Code will have a section called Crimes Against Honor and Reputation reminds me of countries like Iran. I wonder if law professors who support it … Continue reading

‘Welfare state chauvinism’, pension reform and Catholic Church’s office for relations with Islam: What I’ve learned during a week in France

The French embassy in Zagreb brought four of us journos from Croatia for a week in Paris in December. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, in certain ways it was: we had tons of rendez-vous with people from various institutions. It was all off the record though. But, in no particular order, here’s what I’ve learned: … Continue reading

2010: The year of the happy spinster

I can see it in your eyes. The pity when you realize I’m 35 and single. The reproach when my aunts and uncles ask me what I am waiting for. And the disappointment when my friends ask me “what’s new?”, and I say “nothing”. See, I’m a failure (and quite possibly contagious too). Regardless of … Continue reading