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Cat Malojian: Songs from the Murder Triangle

“They actually play the banjo?!,” asks a colleague slightly shocked, after I push my earphones on him to make him listen to this band I’ve been talking about for days. “Apparently that guy is a banjo genius,” I smile, trying to encourage him. But there’s no need to. He already likes them. And soon the … Continue reading

We’re all suspects: An interview with the anti-piracy chief

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24 Hours of Journalistic Hell: How I Wrote an Article Faster Than the Times

I was translating Slavoj Zizek’s essay for my paper yesterday, struggling with Lacanian terminology in Croatian, but actually enjoying it. I didn’t complain, though some of his sentences drove me crazy. Everything was great until 4 p.m., which is the time when I normally start thinking about going home. And then it struck. My editors … Continue reading

Will Croatia be left out of Toyota’s European fix for the pedals?

One feels good buying a Toyota: they give you cell-phone numbers for the dealership manager, the agent, the head of their garage service, and tell you that, if you’re too lazy to read the instructions book, you can just call them with your questions. They tell you you’re now a part of Toyota family. To … Continue reading

Women, politics and fashion

Croatian Prime Minister recently complained about the media writing about her clothes, instead of what she does, and I was there to hear it. Speaking at the conference titled Women Leaders in Politics in Zagreb, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said: “It is extremely important that the media promote gender equality in political life. Because, it … Continue reading