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‘How I survived holocaust and even laughed’

A holocaust survivor from Croatia taught me today that the best medicine for all one’s troubles might be laughter. I got an assignment to find a survivor for our story on the Holocaust Remembrance Day and do a short phone interview. It sounded almost disrespectful – how can you just expect to call them, fire … Continue reading

Yes, I’m that naive, I gave money for Haiti

I was so happy that my paycheck finally arrived yesterday that I immediately donated a small amount to the Red Cross for Haiti. “Really? I was thinking about it too, but then thought of all the aid abuse and corruption,” said a colleague. “In that case, of course, doing nothing is way better than doing … Continue reading

Poverty in Europe & Relative Truth

About 17 percent of European Union citizens lived in poverty in 2008, according to a new Eurostat study. The rates of poverty are the highest in Latvia (26%), Romania (23%), Bulgaria (21%), Greece, Spain and Lithuania (20%). But, these figures actually conceal the truth – because the line of poverty in this study is different … Continue reading

My granny, an angel

My granny and grandpa raised eight children in a house at the end of the village, under a roof made of straw. They had just a kitchen and one big room, which was at the same time a living room, a bedroom, children’s room. In a good week, they ate meat on Sunday. Grandpa was … Continue reading

Croatian and Slovenian prime ministers ‘flirt’ for the camera

Meeting at Slovenian ski resort of Kranjska Gora, prime ministers of Slovenia and Croatia radiated today in front of more than 100 journalists accredited for their meeting. As the photographers clicked away at the two heads of government sitting in front of the fireplace, Slovenian PM Borut Pahor said that the “flame might die” before … Continue reading

Rules of life from a polling station

Croatia voted for its third president (in fact, if we counted it like Americans do, it would be the fifth) today. I voted, not early and only once, but still. My polling station is in a school, the classroom 2A. On their walls, rules of life: We use only nice words. We comfort those who … Continue reading

Jabuka: Zagreb’s dark pleasure

Actually, it feels like Saturday morning: hazy and foggy, noon to evening. Friday night I regularly want to stay home, lie on the sofa and stare at TV. Luckily, my friends drag me out. Last night’s location: Jabuka in Zagreb. With the name reminiscent of the original sin, Jabuka – The Apple – is the … Continue reading